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Bricleir is a one-stop-shop global exchange for innovators to discover new partnerships and investments around shared unmet needs, source new team members and vendors, find new products, and attend relevant events.

It takes a village to innovate. We're here to provide that. The right people. The right resources and opportunities. The right time.

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We support top enterprise leaders, innovation organizations, consultants, university centers, VCs, and startups.

Our community has unique needs that are often handled across a hodge-podge of services and offline activities with the same end goal, to partner and build. Some private innovation groups are also spending lots of time and money to build their own engagement tools, but struggling to piece it all together. We understand that innovation isn’t a one size fits all business. Experience a tailored approach to partnering and building through our core features.

Private Label

For those looking to manage their own innovation community portal on Bricleir, our private label offering is available. You'll get a customized version of our Bricleir infrastructure to streamline your engagement. Your community, powered by Bricleir.

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