About Us

Our vision.
We care deeply about builders

We’re obsessed with creating ecosystems that connect them to money, opportunity, knowledge and power.

Our values.


We are positive, down-to-earth, no drama, and want to build together with no ego.


We love what we do, work hard, and don’t complain. We think “the harder the challenge, the more the fun.”


We are unabashedly ourselves, grounded, open-minded, and willing to trust our intuition.


We are puzzle-solvers, innovative, and fearless.

Our story.

Our founder, Ireland Carter, is a natural ‘bricklayer’ who loves building strong, innovative partnerships. She has worked in the trenches of the innovation ecosystem with investors, founders, and large organizations. It was blatantly clear that these groups were not connecting in efficient and meaningful ways. They were all spending a lot of time and money trying to connect with new partners and were often forgetting the manpower of their previously established network when a new project came up.

An opportunity existed to break the barriers between them all and build a virtual command center to streamline the internal innovation process, brick by brick. Bricleir is the byproduct of empowering the innovation community to create opportunity, grow companies and build a better future together.