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August 2021 Update

by Bricleir

Our Message

We've heard that a founder is someone who spots what is broken and has a hole in their heart until they fix it.

At Bricleir, we're building a community of people who share this same spirit. It isn't just the founder, but the investors joining them in the trenches, the early adopters taking a leap of faith, and the partners open to collaborating along the way.

Our team has been lucky enough to get a birds-eye view into the incredible solutions that are being built for unmet needs big and small. Since we take an agnostic approach, these solutions cross product functions, industries served, geographic origin, stage of funding, and much more.

What these products all have in common though is teams behind them who are pouring their heart into building the right solution and racing to find the right partners. It is a thrill when our team or network members are able to support those connections.

Our heart is set on building up this support ecosystem in order to tackle unmet needs with solutions we can all be proud of sharing. We hope you continue to join us on this mission.

Unmet Need: Creating a Better Experience for People with Disabilities to Discover, Shop, and Use Products More Independently

Unmet Need: Unlocking Omnichannel Growth in Latin America

P&G Ventures Search – Innovative Consumer Solutions for Pet Care

Best Practices and Solutions Search for Digital Training Program for Management and Employees

Automate and Improve EC Fulfillment Centers

Need: Entrepreneur for Adapta

Entrepreneur Hiring Search for Tessellated

Need: Technical Co-Founder for PMD Vibration

Network Events

Building a Startup Support Ecosystem: The Future of Funding, Managing, and Exiting

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