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July 2021 Update

by Bricleir

Our Message

There is no doubt that super connectors have played a key role in so many of our journeys. It doesn't matter if you're breaking into venture capital, a first-time founder, a new innovation executive, or leading a university innovation center.

Super connectors help to connect the dots. They open doors to target prospects, incredible investors, beneficial mentors, new hires, etc. They brainstorm with you and help you see partnerships you didn't think of earlier. They're the ones who immediately fire off an email intro after the meeting and sometimes during the meeting!

We've learned a lot from the super connectors and continue to leverage their support daily. Our goal would be that our SaaS and service can play that super connector role for you or help you play that role better within your own network.

If you're a super connector, are those that you support on Bricleir? If not, let us know and our team will help you invite them so they're auto-approved when they join. Go ahead and open up the door to Bricleir for them!

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Recent Use Case Success

The importance of super connectors also plays a key role at the university level within their innovation centers, especially as more of them have expanded their own portfolios. We've quickly learned just how much universities can benefit from the Bricleir ecosystem, especially when also leveraging their own super connectors.

Some of the ways we're currently supporting the matchmaking for these universities:

The benefit?