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March 2021 Update

by Bricleir

Our Message

It takes a village. You've heard it before and we'll continue to say it.

Over the last month, it has become increasingly clear that openly sharing needs and allowing others to chime in can significantly support your innovation efforts and help your team quickly find the right solution. Of course, you can still share with varying levels of anonymity pre-match, but the point is to share.

VCs, founders, and other innovators in the ecosystem are more than willing to jump in and "consult" on what you should be thinking about in the discovery process, suggest solutions you should be considering, and even recommend ideas that your organization should take on.

Today we're seeing this process of openly collaborating with others happen for pilot programs, deal flow, general insight, M&A opportunities, etc.

How will you collaborate this month?

Open Call for B2C Service Partnerships in Auto, Mobility, Insurance, etc.

Searching for P&C or Specialty Insurance Providers

Global 2000 Retailer looking for holographic tech solutions

Solution Search: Call Center Agent Productivity

Solution Search: Increased Internal Employee Security

Solution / Expert Search: Direct Booking of Container Shipments Solution

Unmet Need: "Driving Responsible and Lasting Behavior Change"

Unmet Need: "New Labeling Technology for Consumer Products"

Unmet Need: "Airborne Enzyme Removal or Deactivation in Manufacturing"

Unmet Need: "Imagining a World Without Ads: The Future of Data and Advertising in Europe"

Unmet Need: "Imagining a World Without Ads in AMA (Asia, Middle East & Africa)"

Network Events

Evolution of Startup Funding -- Building Companies during and Post Pandemic

SVB March Fundraising Workshop

What's Next for Privacy Shield?

Platform Venture Studio Open House

Female Founders Fund: 2021 M&A Trends with Target and P&G Ventures

Recent Matchmaking Success

One of our Global 2000 Retailers shared an unmet need around sustainable fabric, which led to discovery conversations with industry VCs, founders, and SMEs.

In these conversations, this retailer was able to connect with a leading VC who not only provided insight on the particular unmet need but suggested an up-and-coming solution that wasn't yet on this retailer's radar and could immediately make an intro.

The benefit?

This is the kind of organic connection you might make at an in-person event, but with Bricleir you can connect in meaningful ways while working remotely. No cocktail hour. No generic search in a startup directory. No Linkedin scouting.

Portfolio Support and Engagement

Who better to know what's around the corner than the investors backing it?

In our community, investors serve a key purpose in suggesting startup matches for the enterprise and sharing unique and specific market insights.

If you're an investor and want to be included in the ongoing conversations we have around client needs, be sure to keep your portfolio up to date and check out our current unmet needs to recommend those in your portfolio who could be a good fit.

By having your portfolio and investment preferences on the platform, you'll also have access to backchannel deal flow and can even manage and encourage engagement between your founders.