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May 2021 Update

by Bricleir

Our Message

You've heard people say that things are starting to "go back" to normal but that's a lie. We've outgrown the old way of building, investing, and partnering.

If you're not incorporating a new hybrid approach to the way you hold business meetings, discover tech partnerships, or evaluate deal flow you'll miss out on countless opportunities.

We've spent the past months working with leading founders, investors, and enterprise innovation teams on how to approach innovation so that they don't miss out. With one visit to Bricleir or email to your Bricleir admin, you can seamlessly connect with the right people at the right time for the right opportunities.

Gone are the days of innovation theater. Innovating isn't about passively attending an event or browsing surface-level content. You're not adapting if you're not actively voicing your needs, sharing recommendations, connecting your portfolio, or integrating your community online and offline.

How can we help you adapt using Bricleir?

Unmet Need: emerging tech in the supply/shipping traceability space

Open Call for Solutions - Fem Tech – Enabling Technologies to Track & Diagnose Women’s Reproductive Health

Open Call for Solutions - Pallet Movement & Picking Automation

Need Secure Video Editing Solution

Catering Service Innovation / Virtual Orders & Delivery

Drone Response: Interactive configurator for multi-user, multi-drone emergency response missions

Solution Search: Call Center Agent Productivity

Global 2000 Retailers Must Innovate with Sustainable Materials

Solution Search: Increased Internal Employee Security

Solution / Expert Search: Direct Booking of Container Shipments Solution

Network Events

How Tech Leaders are Building the Future of Business Post-Pandemic

Recent Matchmaking Success

While we pride ourselves on the matches we make between organizations and startups, we recently saw success in connecting two Global 2000 Retailers in our network.

One retailer came to us searching for innovative logistics solutions, including but not limited to last-mile delivery, trend forecasting, and staffing optimization.

At the same time, we were learning about one of the largest global retailers starting to test their commercialized tech offerings in these same areas.

After briefing both retailers on the potential partnership, they were excited to connect in a private Bricleir roundtable discussion together. Many overlapping opportunities were discovered and they can now proceed with the rest of their internal stakeholders.

The benefit?

This is the kind of organic connection that wouldn't have surfaced on other sites, but with Bricleir you can have these opportunities surfaced to you with the help of our software and your dedicated Bricleir team.