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Membership Tiers
The following membership tiers are available based on your unique needs, with annual discounts offered at checkout. Our Private Label offering is also available for select partners.


per month
Recommended for small teams
You'll get a team account, plus:
  • Access to our Opportunities Marketplace for Business Development
  • Event Access and Management
  • Public and Private Group Management
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Innovator Plus

per month
Recommended for VCs, innovation orgs, and accelerators
You'll get the Innovator Membership, plus:
  • Manage your founder community and showcase your investment portfolio and get matched for deal flow
  • Sponsored membership for your portfolio or qualifying client organizations
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per month
Recommended for enterprises, consulting teams, and universities
You'll get the Innovator Plus Membership, plus:
  • Leverage "Scout Flow" to engage on behalf of your clients, partners, or internal business units
  • Ongoing support for platform engagement and CorpDev matchmaking
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If you're a startup, you will receive a discounted membership or waived fee. Check with your VC to see if you are already covered under their membership or contact us for assistance.
All Plans Include
Personal onboarding consultation with the Bricleir team and exclusive access to private events and sponsorship opportunities
Need Help Deciding?
Book time with our team to chat about your needs and how Bricleir can support you.